Have you ever wondered what the toys in Toy Story did when they weren’t rescuing Buzz from their evil next door neighbor? I’m guessing they raced along with Action Henk all over Andy’s room on cool tracks made from block, car race tracks and all sorts of other toys!

Similar to a lot of other time trial games where you race against the clock to earn bronze, silver and gold medals, Action Henk mixes up the setting to something fresh and adds a “boss race” against another toy at the end of every section. It honestly reminded me a lot of Trials motorcycle games, but with focus on speed and finesse instead of the more skilled tricks you need to learn in Trials.

I cruised through the first 18 levels in just under a half hour, getting bronze or silver medals on most of them on my first try. The second section boss gave me a hard time, but I was able to beat her after retrying a bunch of times. I’m now at the point where in order to open up the fourth section I need to collect a handful more silver medals from levels I’ve already beaten to unlock it, which I think is going to be at a least a little bit tough.

Action Henk is definitely a game I’ll come back to, it’s the perfect game to chip away at in short increments, replaying levels again and again to chew off fractions of a second to get higher medals. Definitely one to check out on Steam.


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