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Episode 5 – Dylan’s Childhood, Gamecube Virtual Console, Casino VR and New Game Releases

Join us as we delve into the game that defined Dylan’s childhood, speculation that the Nintendo Switch might have a Gamecube Virtual Console, the Overwatch Winter update, finding something to do besides gamble at the casino and a bunch of new games this week that we are very excited about, including Super Mario Run, Stardew Valley, Bastion, Bridge Constructor and Astroneer!

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Episode 4 – NintendoLand, Playstation Now, PSVR Woes and New Rocket League Stuff

We talk about what NintendoLand might look like at Universal Studios, streaming PlayStation Now straight to your TV (no console or PC required), new and reworked characters in Overwatch, the not as great as we’d like it to be state of VR, EA’s plans for Battlefield and Battlefront and all of the new content in the Winter Rocket League update!

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