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Episode 7 – Movie Adaptations, The Steam Awards and Yet More Mario Run

We stumble back from the holidays, laden with gifts, light with games and a with a slight cold. Dylan decides that he likes Hotline Miami but hates Bloodborne, we talk about movie adaptations, the wackiness that is the Steam Awards and dig even further into Mario Run and what it means for Nintendo’s future.

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Episode 6 – NES Mini, Mario Run, Backwards Compatibility and Our First Question

Welcome to our last podcast before the holidays! This week is almost all Nintendo, as we talk about NES Mini shortages, if we like Mario Run or not, answer our first listener question and dive into Xbox backwards compatibility.

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30 Minutes of 140

I first played 140 at the Xbox @ ID event on the Microsoft campus a couple of months ago and really liked it. I had meant to pick it up, but just never got around to it, until I saw it go on sale for 90% off and just couldn’t resist. I will say this though, it’s well worth the $5 it will cost you on Steam when it’s full price.

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