You would think that we’d be able to fit everything we want to talk about into the main Byte Me feed, but sometimes there is just something extra! Maybe we want to deep dive into a specific game for a couple of hours or do a review focused on something specific. In any of those cases (and probably some other we haven’t thought of) Byte Me DLC is where you’ll find it. It's also the home of our "book club for video games", Byte Me Plays. Long story short, if you’ve ever thought “I sure wish I could hang out with the Byte Me guys and their friends for more than 90 minutes a week” than this is 100% the podcast for you.

DLC Episode 1: Video Game Award Premiers

By Cliff Johnson | December 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the first episode of Byte Me DLC! Just like video game developers, sometimes we have more content than we can fit in a normal episode of Byte Me and so this is where it’s going to end up, just like when you get more content in a DLC pack. Expect episodes with a…

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