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Episode 65: So Much Sea of Thieves News!

The folks at Rare dropped a TON of new information about Sea of Thieves and we talk about it all! Get the down low on how servers will be balanced, info about crew and ship size, character creation, ship customization, legendary mode, microtransactions and more!

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Episode 62: Game Pass, Controllers, Duke Nukem and PUBG

This week we talk about whether or not Games Pass will be the turning point for Xbox as they add in all forthcoming first-party games, Fable may (hopefully!) be getting a reboot, lots of controller news between The Duke and a new Xbox Pro Controller, John Cena might be Duke Nukem and PUBG is getting a new loading screen and new anti-cheat updates.

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The (Hopefully) Biggest Games of 2018!

We are looking forward into 2018 and if even 80% of this list actually comes out this year, then 2018 is going to be amazing! Check out what Dylan and Cliff think about this list and then take a look at the videos below and figure out what your favorite game of this year is…

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